Life Coaching

Monthly Intuitive Life Coaching sessions are meant to focus on helping you to heal, understand yourself, trust yourself and evolve as a human being.

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Business Consulting

A business is simply a web of energetic connections masked as people working toward a single goal. This web can be read and understood to make more effective.

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Teen & Adult Mentoring

Mentoring is geared around empowerment and self-confidence. Many times we need help embracing our authentic selves.

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Psychic Readings

A reading with me isn’t about fortune telling, it’s about growth and empowerment. Readings are meant for people who wish to gain deeper clarity.

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  • Email Coaching Session
  • Not a regular client? Need some last minute professional life coaching? Ask me up to 3 questions and I will help you through it.

  • 24 hour response time


  • 1 Week VIP Email Coaching
  • Need more on-going and intensive support? For those clients who need more you can now have unrestricted access to me via email for one full business week.

  • 24 hour response time


  • 50 Minute Skype Coaching Session
  • Choose a day/time that works for you and your schedule and lets make some real change happen

  • Skype/Google Hangout Sessions.


Life After Addiction Coaching

The real work has just begun and you don’t need to do it alone. Starting  a new life after rehabilitation from drug addiction requires support and having the right tools in the toolbox to create and maintain a drug-free and healthy lifestyle, yes.

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Bereavement & Death Coaching

The only constant in life is change. When we ourselves or our loved ones are facing impending death or when a loved one passes, our lives feel as though they have been turned upside down. Death is often misunderstood and with it, more often than not, ques

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Life After Breakup/Divorce

Spaces carry energies from those who lived there and sometimes, energies from spirits who haven’t moved on. I can help with both. WHY INVESTIGATE AND CLEANSE A HOME? Homes carry all types of energy. For one, they carry emotional energetic impression

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Life After Jobloss

A reading with me isn’t about fortune telling or anything of the like, it’s about growth and empowerment. Readings are meant for people who wish to gain deeper clarity, understanding, connection, and balance with there body, mind and spirit. R

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Emotional Cord Cutting

DIFFERENT ENERGETIC CONNECTIONS TO OTHERS In this life and in past ones as well we form connections and ties with all other human beings we meet. We all feel connected to different people in different ways. Sometimes we have deeply routed soul connections

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Teen & Adult Mentoring

Growing up with intuitive abilities and sensitivities is not easy– trust me, I know. Many kids and teens are gifted with their own unique sensitivities. For many young people if these abilities are not recognized, by themselves or others, it can tur

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Email Readings

Email sessions are just as effective and accurate as in-person sessions.  Time can be of the essence or maybe you live outside of Denver, Colorado. This service was created just for you.

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Mediumistic Reading

A medium reading is different than a intuitive reading as it focuses solely on bringing messages from your loved ones who have crossed. As I connect with them, they provide “evidential information” for validation, through things only they coul

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Client Testimonials

  • Jeremy has a very rare and quite authentic talent that enables him to tap into the heart of a situation. He has been able to not only give me greater clarity, but also to ultimately free me from from long-held issues that have held me back in life. I can't recommend him, his counseling and emotional healing sessions highly enough!

  • I've been to a lot of psychics/mediums/intuitives in the past as I search for insight regularly to help me navigate through life. With that said, my experience w/ Jeremy was by far one of the best! Jeremy is able to see directly into your soul providing you w/ information about your current situation to help you move forward. I was most impressed with his ability to translate messages from my loved ones on the other side. It was great hearing from my father as always but I was pleasantly surprised when I also heard from my older brother of whom I've never met (he passed before I was born)...through Jeremy, I got a chance to know my brother that day (who would have thought?) & for that I'm forever grateful. What sets Jeremy apart from others, for me personally (based on my experience), was simply the level of strength in his intuition while navigating through the reading w/ me. Also, what I felt shined through significantly was his "compassion" for other people which was very much received & appreciated. I can't thank you enough for the precious gift you gave me that day & the strength that it continues to give me.

  • My experience with Jeremy was unlike any other reading I've had before. Upon meeting him, I could immediately feel his kind and peaceful energy which made me comfortable in being open to sharing personal information with him, and allowed for a very beneficial and profound experience. Jeremy was able to quickly and accurately "tune in" and relayed to me very specifically where I was having issues and he was spot on! He not only provided me with deep insight, but also gave me specific direction and tools to focus on to help with my healing and growth. The energy exchange I experienced with Jeremy was pure, light filled, and very valuable to me and how I have expanded in my conscious awareness of self, since. He helped open up new doors for me in my personal spiritual expansion and the specific healing I needed to focus on. I am so grateful I met him and had such an impactful experience with him! I would highly recommend Jeremy for any of the services he provides and know that anyone who meets with him will be greatly benefited! You can trust that his intentions and gifts are purely for your greatest good and he is genuine and sincere with his work. Thanks for being YOU, Jeremy!

  • I’ve had the extreme pleasure of continuing to working with Jeremy after a reading he did for me in October. He is an insightful and gifted medium and a joy to work with. Jeremy has proven to be incredibly accurate with his readings and is able to relay information with thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the situation. Over the past few months, Jeremy has encouraged me to listen to and trust myself as well as to explore the deeper levels of my own spirituality. He has been a gift to me and I feel incredibly blessed to have him act as a sounding board and as a reminder of what my higher purpose is in this life. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking to connect with spirit whether it’s just for fun or for personal growth and healing.

  • I can relate to all the testimonials on this site (shy of the healing comments, for I have not explored energy release sessions with Jeremy), however, as to intuitive information, he is not only skilled at reading energy, he is also quick in connecting with those in spirit. I have known several mediums, psychics and intuitive's over the years. I am very critical of intuitive's (etc.), and have a very high standard, as there is simply way too much fraud out there. I can attest to you, Jeremy is legit. Out of 10 stars I would give Jeremy 7 stars (on my scale, that is an "A"). Most readers I would rate 0-3 stars. To get stars higher than 5 stars is difficult with me.

    I CAN RELATE... Michael H
  • I had been feeling energy around me for awhile and I wanted more of a direct communication, so I chose to visit Jeremy. He gave me messages from loved ones I wanted to hear from, but also persons I was NOT expecting to hear from. I was extremely surprised with the message Jeremy gave me from my spirit guide. It couldn't have been more accurate! Thank you for your help in opening extra channels.

  • Although it wasn't what I wanted to hear, Jeremy told me what I needed to hear and needed to know, and I appreciate the honesty. I don't like to be told something just because someone thinks it is what I want to hear. Thank you for the honesty and helping me to deal with the situation.

  • When I first met Jeremy I could immediately tell he was a very balanced, intelligent individual And I was right. He picked up alot of information on my life during the reading, which was impressive in its own respect, but what really got me was his intelligence and ability to easily define and put his readings into real world advice. But he went above and beyond for me, he picked up on my own abilities and for a number of weeks has been guiding me towards the right path and even taking me to locations to hone my abilities. He is not just a Psychic or Life Coach, he's a good man and a good person. I would recommend him to any person any day of the week. 100% approval to Jeremy.

  • Jeremy came and did individual readings for a few of us at my office. He was very professional, down to earth, and told me a lot of great things I enjoyed hearing and learning about. I would definitely recommend him!

    THANK YOU! Jen
  • I had one reading with Jeremy, and have to say that it really changed my perspective about a variety of things. I'll spare the details, but suffice it to say that there's a considerable amount of information out there, and you just have to go to the right source to get it. I'm not saying he holds/owns that information, like an encyclopedia, but he *can* help find a source. Jeremy's gift is obvious: he will connect you with people from your past, give perspective regarding people in your present life...and then it's really up to you. What I'm trying to emphasize here is that Jeremy is very talented and he can help, but you'll only get out what you essentially put in. If you truly are looking for an answer about some one or some thing, then you should have a reading with Jeremy.

  • From the moment I spoke to Jeremy, I intrinsically trusted him. He is a highly skilled energetic healer. With a combination of honesty, compassion, and incredible intuition, he guided me to make empowering choices, and release sanskaras (ingrained thought patterns, habitual behavior patterns, and toxic relationship cycles). I am grateful to have met him; our work has been life-changing.

  • I came across Jeremy's name in the Isis newsletter. I have had readings from various other mediums in the past so I thought why not give him a try, to see if he is able to provide me some intuitive guidance. I tend to bring a little skepticism with me because you don't want to be quick to fall prey to people that are fake but I can promise you that Jeremy is the real deal. Jeremy asked at the beginning of my session if I had any questions in particular or just give me whatever comes to him. I chose the latter for two reasons. One because I knew if I was meant to have someone specific come through, that they would and two, goes back to my comment about being skeptical. I wanted to see what Jeremy would intuitively get if he was real. Jeremy truly has an amazing special gift. He is very intune with Spirit. He actually had a message for someone close to me who was not in attendance at my session but needed to hear what Spirit had to say. Again, he was spot on with his message for that someone. You will not be disappointed if you have a reading with Jeremy. His gift is priceless.

  • After having a reading done by Jeremy he had advised me to have a energy release session to cut the cord of attachment between myself to my ex-husband. Because of a past marriage of 11yrs and now having been divorced from him for 6yrs I was still not able to move forward in my life. I was not able to let go of the guilt of not being there for this person and the issues that still kept me from letting go of the past. I now feel free from the guilt and that I can move forward in finding a healthy relationship and focusing on my family. Thank you Jeremy!

  • I was anxious to undesrtand why I was receiving messages from the other side and also l was looking for someone with whom I could speak about this. After speaking with Jeremy the first time I got the felling that he could help me to understand and guide me in my search. So I made another appointment with him. Jeremy helped me to be more aware of the energy that surrounds us and how to better understand and receive them. I am in a stage of growth and understanding, I know it will be a long journey, but I know that Jeremy will be there when I need help. I feel fortunate to have met Jeremy, he is very knowlegeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for answers or expand their knowlege.